7 Things to Do in Platt Park During Your First Weekend

7 Things to Do in Platt Park During Your First Weekend

  • Kimber Ward, REALTOR®
  • 03/2/24

As a newcomer, discovering Platt Park, Colorado, means diving into a community rich with charm and local experiences. Its location is second to none, with Washington Park (Wash Park) and South Broadway (SoBo) nearby and a light rail stop that will take you downtown in about 10 minutes. As you navigate this vibrant neighborhood, you'll discover various activities that define Platt Park living.

Primarily residential, Platt Park has beautiful tree-lined streets, a wide array of architecture, and many excellent single-family homes. In the neighborhood’s center, you’ll find a lovely small park with a children’s playground that hosts community events, including movie nights (there’s also a Denver Public Library branch onsite). Platt Park has a down-to-earth feel, with several excellent restaurants, cafes, and shopping venues within walking distance. Read on to explore things to do in Platt Park on your first weekend in town.

1. Exploring Local Cafés

Kickstart your Platt Park journey with a visit to Steam Espresso Bar, a local gem that's more than just a coffee shop. Nestled in the heart of the neighborhood, Steam exudes a cozy ambiance, offering a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of expertly brewed coffee or indulge in a delicious pastry. Take a moment to savor the rich aromas and friendly atmosphere, setting the tone for the laid-back charm that defines Platt Park living.

About a half-mile north of Steam on South Pearl St. lies Stella’s Coffee Haus. You’ll immediately recognize Stella’s from its picnic benches and brightly colored exterior. The cafe has lots of local art on the walls, some for sale, making Stella’s a cornerstone of the neighborhood’s social fabric. Walking inside, you might see Denver University students studying or musicians playing mellow tunes. Stella’s is ideal whether you’re catching up on work, meeting friends, or enjoying the eclectic atmosphere.

2. Culinary Delights at Jack's on Pearl and Izakaya Den

Platt Park hosts several excellent restaurants, none better than Jack's on Pearl, a must-visit dining destination on South Pearl St. This well-rated neighborhood favorite boasts an expansive menu curated to cater to various tastes, ensuring a delightful experience for every palate. From a fun happy hour list to savory dinner dishes that cap off your evenings, Jack’s delivers flavorful and satisfying meals.  Plus you can’t beat Jack’s 2nd floor’s bar and outdoor dining experience.

Next door to Jack’s, you’ll find Izakaya Den, a phenomenal sake house with tapas. The sushi menu includes dozens of choices and infinite combinations, from veggie and tofu options to Wagyu beef and salmon rolls. If you’re really into sushi and sashimi, make reservations for the Chef’s Table at Sushi Den.. Izakaya Den’s sister restaurant (Sushi Den has been a mainstay on South Pearl Street for years.. On request, up to five guests can share a table in the Sushi Den Private Room. These intimate dinners center around the chef’s take on the restaurant’s daily catch (procured from the Nagahama Fish Market and other markets worldwide).

3. Cool Shops on South Pearl Street

No exploration of Platt Park is complete without a stroll down South Pearl Street, a vibrant shopping district with a mix of boutiques and specialty stores. Dive into the local shopping scene and discover unique finds and one-of-a-kind treasures. South Pearl Street offers many options, whether you're looking for women’s clothing or on a more specific treasure hunt. For instance, 5 Green Boxes has two shops (just a few store fronts down from each other).  The “Small Shop” has one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing and accessories while the “Big Shop” has equally compelling treasures for gifts and homegoods dispersed in the store’s unexpected nooks and crannies.

The welcoming atmosphere and friendly faces of shopkeepers add a touch of community warmth, turning your shopping excursion into a pleasant and engaging experience. Take your time to explore this lively street, and you'll likely stumble upon hidden gems that make your first weekend in Platt Park even more memorable.

4. Mindful Moments at Karma Yoga Center

As you settle into the rhythm of Platt Park, consider incorporating moments of mindfulness into your routine. Karma Yoga Center, nestled within the neighborhood, provides a sanctuary for those seeking balance and tranquility. Attend a yoga class to rejuvenate the mind and body, or explore their workshops and events to connect with like-minded individuals. By sitting in on a class, you can decide whether yoga will be part of your new life in Platt Park should you move here.

5. Antique Exploration on South Broadway's Antique Row

Extend your explorations beyond Platt Park's immediate borders and venture into the neighboring South Broadway's Antique Row. A haven for vintage enthusiasts, this historic district boasts an impressive collection of antique shops, galleries, and quirky boutiques. Lose yourself in the charm of the past as you browse through curated collections of furniture, clothing, and memorabilia. South Broadway's Antique Row adds a touch of nostalgia to your first-week itinerary, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and treasure hunters alike.

6. Walk to Wash Park

If you want to actually feel the active lifestyle of Denver and don’t have time for a drive to the mountains, just take a short walk to Wash Park for a run (2.6 miles around the perimeter), walk, bike, or rollerblade.  And if you’re a tennis or basketball player, feel free to check out the courts.  Remember, Denver has 310 days of sunshine so you should be able to participate in outdoor activities year-round.

7. Woofhaus Doggie Daycare

So, if you brought your dog on your trip, you’ll feel right at home in the dog-obsessed Denver area.  However, if you can’t leave him in the hotel or airbnb by themselves for long periods, check out my favorite doggie daycare, The Woofhaus, located on 1540 South Broadway in Platt Park.  My dog, Wilder, attends daycare a couple of days per week and he has nothing but great things to say about it; he especially LOVES the staff.  He gives The Woofhaus a “5-Paw” review.  Just make sure to call ahead, get an assessment and have your vet papers ready.  They are the best!

Embracing Platt Park: Local Discoveries and Community Connections

As you wrap up your first weekend in Platt Park, you'll find that the neighborhood has woven its distinct tapestry of experiences into your daily life. From the comforting aromas of Steam Espresso Bar to the culinary delights of Izakaya Den and Jack's on Pearl, the eclectic shopping on South Pearl Street, the mindful moments at Karma Yoga Center, and the nostalgic charm of South Broadway's Antique Row — each experience contributes to the unique allure of Platt Park living. Embrace the warmth of the community, the richness of local flavors, and the wide range of activities that make Platt Park a genuinely exceptional place to call home.

Ready to get Started?

If you’re ready to explore these fun-filled things to do in Platt Park, contact me, your trusted Denver real estate agent Kimber Ward!  I live in the heart of Platt Park and host an Airbnb, it’s a completely new guesthouse sleeps four and has a full kitchen.  If you’re visiting for fun or looking for Platt Park real estate, and you need a place to stay, contact me for a special rate.  Check out my airbnb here:  https://airbnb.com/h/chicretreatinplattpark

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