Best Places to Shop in, and Around, Washington Park

Best Places to Shop in, and Around, Washington Park

  • Kimber Ward, REALTOR®
  • 03/13/24

Washington Park (Wash Park), located in the heart of Denver, is renowned for its lush greenery, serene park, and vibrant community spirit. However, beyond its natural beauty and recreational spaces, the area boasts a diverse and charming shopping scene that caters to a spectrum of tastes and preferences. The retail scene of this locale invites patrons to indulge in a world of possibilities, making shopping in Wash Park and Platt Park an enriching experience. In this exploration of retail bliss, I’ll delve into the best places to shop, offering a curated guide for both residents and visitors eager to discover unique treasures amid this picturesque neighborhood. I live in the neighborhood and love everything about it, you may catch me frequenting one of the shops or local restaurants.  You can check out my full website here (Kimber Ward).

Historic South Gaylord Street: A Charming Shopping Haven

Nestled within the picturesque Washington Park neighborhood, Historic South Gaylord Street serves as a timeless testament to Denver's rich history. Dating back to the early 1900s, this charming street has retained some of its original character, creating a nostalgic ambiance. Originally established as a streetcar suburb, South Gaylord Street became a thriving commercial district, and its architectural heritage reflects the diverse influences of the time.

Today, Historic South Gaylord Street is celebrated for its historic and charming ambiance that effortlessly merges the past with the present. The street has evolved into a hub for local businesses, boutiques, and eateries, each contributing to the unique charm of the neighborhood. Patrons strolling along this street find themselves looking at every shop window showcasing carefully curated delights.

Wish Boutique: The Premier Destination in Denver for Unique Gifts

Visit the independently owned, fantastic, and fun gift shop, where every item is carefully curated to make a lasting impression. From thoughtful and amusing to elegantly chic, their selection caters to every person in your life. Explore the unique home collections, exquisite accessories, and stylish handbags, with even a curated selection for the gentlemen in your life. A place where you can celebrate life's moments with gifts that truly stand out.

Silk Road: Unveiling Global Treasures

Embark on a journey at Silk Road, a boutique nestled in Historic South Gaylord Street. This enchanting store offers a curated collection of global treasures, from unique accessories to exotic home decor. Patrons can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of cultures, making every visit to the Silk Road a unique and unforgettable experience.

Bottle Shop 33: Crafted Libations for Connoisseurs

For enthusiasts of fine spirits, Bottle Shop 33 beckons with its meticulously curated selection of craft beverages. Whether seeking a rare wine or a unique spirit, this establishment on Historic South Gaylord Street caters to connoisseurs and those eager to explore the world of artisanal libations.


This cute boutique is a haven for parents seeking modern classics for their little ones. With a keen eye for quality and style, Broomtail curates a collection of children's clothing, toys, and gifts that inspire play, nurture growth, and encourage exploration.

Modern Bungalow: Beautifully Hand-crafted, Fine Furniture, for your Denver Home

This gem of a store located in a historic building on Gaylord Street in Wash Park captivates its customers with its exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled customization options. Delivery timeless designs and a commitment to sustainable practices, Modern Bungalow offers hand-crafted furniture built to endure generations. Whether you're a vintage lover or simply appreciate the allure of hand-made treasures, Modern Bungalow invites you to explore their curated selection and experience their enduring commitment to quality and beauty.

South Pearl Street: A Lively Tapestry of Culture and Commerce

South Pearl Street in Platt Park just a mile west of Wash Park and also originally a streetcar suburb in the late 19th century, has blossomed into a dynamic and eclectic district that mirrors the unique vibe of Denver. This bustling thoroughfare is not merely a street; it's a community hub that reflects the spirit of the neighborhood. South Pearl Street embodies the essence of a lively, walkable neighborhood where commerce, culture, and community converge. The street is celebrated for its wide array of locally-owned shops, restaurants, and cultural offerings.

Farmers Market: A Culinary Exploration in Platt Park

The South Pearl Street Farmers Market in Denver is a vibrant celebration of community and local culture. It boasts the distinction of being Colorado's largest (and most fun!) farmers market, drawing crowds for a day filled with lively festivities. As the market unfolds, the street buzzes with activity, featuring a diverse array of vendors, local farmers, and artisans showcasing their wares. From farm-fresh produce to handcrafted artisanal goods, patrons are treated to a feast for the senses. Alongside the tantalizing offerings, there's live music to set the mood, face painting to delight the young ones, and an eclectic mix of food trucks serving up culinary delights. It's a gathering where neighbors come together to savor the flavors of their region, like Palisade Peaches, fostering a sense of community that solidifies the market's status as a beloved cornerstone of South Pearl Street in Platt Park.  The market runs from early May to early November from 9 am - 1 pm. And, be sure not to miss Winterfest, celebrating the holidays, in December.

5 Green Boxes: Two stores, Triple the Treasures.

Platt Park is truly fortunate to count 5 Green Boxes among its local treasures. Yet, our luck extends even further as we revel in the presence of not just one, but two enchanting stores, each brimming with their distinctive treasures. “The Big Store” beckons with a treasure trove of unexpected gifts and home décor delights, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any space, while  “The Small Store” exudes boutique charm, offering a curated selection of eclectic wearables, dazzling jewelry, and stylish accessories. Whether you're seeking a unique gift or a personal fashion statement, 5 Green Boxes invites you to explore their delightful collection in both of their enchanting locations.

Ruby's Market: A Bazaar of Cultural Riches

Discover a world of curated goods at Ruby's Market, a haven for those seeking unique and stylish finds. Ruby's Market caters to individuals with a discerning taste for all things distinctive and elegant. Notably, it features goods and wares crafted by refugee, immigrant, and Indigenous artisans, adding a meaningful touch to the shopping experience.

Gallery 1505: Artistic Expression Unveiled

Art aficionados find themselves captivated by Gallery 1505 on South Pearl Street. This art gallery showcases a diverse range of works from local and emerging artists, creating a space where artistic expression flourishes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of contemporary art at Gallery 1505.

Melrose and Madison, Gracie’s Boutique, and Paige’s Boutique on Pearl: Fashion Finds with a Twist

While I wouldn't dream of lumping all three boutiques together, they each possess such unique charm that I'm compelled to mention them all. Each one redefines fashion in its special way, boasting eclectic and trend-setting collections that beckon shoppers to explore a fusion of styles. With a refreshing twist on contemporary women's clothing, these boutiques elevate the shopping experience in Platt Park beyond the ordinary, offering something truly special for fashion enthusiasts.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: A Toy Wonderland

Those seeking whimsical wonders find solace at Where the Sidewalk Ends, a charming store that transcends the ordinary. With a carefully curated selection of toys, this store invites patrons to discover the joy of play.

Denver Folklore Center: Where Music and Culture Converge

Denver Folklore Center, nestled near Washington Park, stands as a testament to the city's rich musical heritage. For folk and acoustic music enthusiasts, this center offers a haven where stringed instruments, sheet music, and a wealth of knowledge converge. Immerse yourself in the soulful ambiance of Denver Folklore Center and explore the harmonious intersection of music and culture.

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In the heart of Denver's Washington Park and Platt Park lies a vibrant tapestry of shopping destinations, each contributing to the area's unique character. From the allure of South Gaylord Street to the historic charm of Old South Pearl Street, visitors and residents alike can embark on a walking journey of retail exploration. Whether seeking handcrafted treasures, whimsical gifts, boutique finds, or vintage gems, the shopping scene around the Wash Park neighborhood offers a diverse array of options that cater to every taste and preference. Begin your day with a refreshing stroll around the picturesque 2.5-mile loop of Wash Park, then treat yourself to a cup of coffee at Devil’s Food on Gaylord Street before embarking on your shopping excursion. As the sun sets behind the iconic park, wind down your day of exploration with drinks and dinner at Wash Park Grille, a beloved neighborhood institution, or indulge in the culinary delights of renowned eateries like Perdida or Sushi Den. Your visit to Wash Park guarantees an enriching and unforgettable shopping adventure.

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