Favorite Activities in Wash Park

Favorite Activities in Wash Park

  • Kimber Ward, REALTOR®
  • 08/14/23

Washington Park, affectionately known as "Wash Park," is a picturesque and lively hub in Denver, Colorado. This urban sanctuary is one of my favorite aspects of living here as it presents the perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and a strong sense of community. Families, friends, and dogs flock to Wash Park to enjoy its serene environment, making it a go-to destination in the Mile High City.

An array of fun activities make Wash Park an unparalleled gem. From scenic walking paths to charming neighborhood streets, there's always something to do and see in this unique and vibrant area. So, join me as we explore everything Wash Park delivers and discover why it's a haven for locals and visitors alike.

Embrace the outdoors: walking, running, and biking paths

Wash Park features a dirt path around its perimeter that’s 2.6 miles and doesn’t allow bikes, creating an ideal environment for walkers, runners, and dog owners. But if you are a biker, you won’t miss out! The park also has an inner paved road with a designated bike lane. This arrangement provides a safe and enjoyable space for people to exercise, catch up with friends, or take a stroll with their pets. Rollerbladers, skateboarders, and bikers get their own path, while walkers, runners, and strollers enjoy a separate one. However, something to note is that there is no off-leash dog park. Please be a good dog parent and keep your furry friends on a leash!

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Beauty and serenity: lakes and flower gardens

The park has two picturesque lakes, offering a tranquil setting for relaxation and contemplation. While these lakes are not designed for active water sports or boating, one does have paddle boat rentals during the summer. Wash Park also boasts two enchanting flower gardens, adding to the park's natural charm and serenity.

Get active: tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, and more

Wash Park includes two tennis court areas, providing an excellent opportunity for players of all skill levels to practice and compete. Some leagues even organize matches here. One specifically well-known one is the historic Lawn Bowling Club, where you can join a league or come by for open bowl. Wash Park has been its home since 1924, and in 1985, the Denver Croquet Club also chose the park as its mainstay. Additionally, the park has basketball courts and a playground for children, ensuring there's something for everyone. For my relocators, if you’re used to working out outside and come from sea level, don’t be intimidated if running or exercising feels unusually challenging. Here in Denver, we live at a much higher altitude of 5,280 feet, which can take some time to adjust to. For average activities, it should only take 2-3 days to acclimate, but for more intense workouts, your body might need more time. Drink plenty of water, and always have your sunscreen on hand!

Fun in the sun: volleyball leagues, picnics, and more

During the summer, Wash Park becomes a hub for outdoor activities such as volleyball leagues, frisbee, cornhole, and picnics. With plenty of open space and picnic tables and grills, the park is ideal for spending a sunny day with family and friends. Denver has 300+ days of sunshine, so there’s plenty of time to get outside. Just be sure to be mindful of the heat, altitude, and hot pavement, especially if you have your furry friends out and about with you.

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The Wash Park Recreation Center: an indoor gem

The Wash Park Recreation Center is a cherished local facility providing many amenities for residents and visitors alike. Alongside its indoor pool, the center provides various fitness and wellness programs, recreational classes, and community events, making it a leisure and personal growth hub. For more information on the center's offerings, schedules, and membership options, you can visit its official website or visit the park to get a firsthand experience of the welcoming atmosphere and resources available. This indoor facility in Wash Park truly caters to the varied interests and needs of the community and can provide a great alternative to an outdoor workout.

Easy access: close to light rail and parking options

Wash Park's convenient location near the light rail makes it easily accessible for visitors around Denver. With the Louisiana Pearl station that serves the E and H line less than half a mile’s walk or bike to the edge of the park’s southwest corner, getting to and from the park is a breeze. Parking is also relatively simple, with options both within the park and on the surrounding streets, accommodating those who choose to drive. Wash Park's easy accessibility and ample parking options ensure a hassle-free experience for all visitors and locals alike, allowing everyone to focus on enjoying the park's many attractions and activities.

Exploring the neighborhood: historic Gaylord Street and Pearl Street

Just a short walk from Wash Park, you'll find two charming neighborhoods filled with retail shops, restaurants, and other services. Historic Gaylord Street is located within the Wash Park neighborhood boundaries and is home to small shops and eateries, including the long-standing Wash Park Grille and the famous Devil's Food Bakery.

Historic Pearl Street is a little further to the West in the nearby Platt Park neighborhood. This lively area features several blocks of restaurants and shops, including Sushi Den and Izakaya Den, two of Denver's best sushi restaurants. Stella's Coffee is also a popular spot for locals and the University’s students to hang out and study. Both of these lovely neighborhoods are walkable from the park, and there is always ample street parking nearby. Most eateries are pretty casual, but I suggest always bringing clothes for all weather conditions because we often get thunderstorms in the late afternoons, and then it’s back to sunshine for the remainder of the day.

Additional attractions: local festivals

During the summer, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream on University Boulevard attracts a loyal following, although Gaylord Street boasts its own Sweet Action Ice Cream. Take friends and family to eat Italian and play corn hole at Homegrown Tap and Dough, or grab a seat at Perdida, which provides an upscale Mexican cuisine with a chic baja seaside vibe both inside and out. Wash Park also hosts a few small festivals throughout the year, such as Kickoff to Summer Festival, which happens over Memorial Day weekend. And, during the summers, you can always head on down to Pearl Street in Platt Park for one of the best farmers’ markets in the area on Sundays from 9 am - 1 pm.

Stroll through history: beautiful homes in Wash Park

Wash Park is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Denver to live in, thanks to its charming blend of old and new homes. Walking through the area, you'll encounter high-end properties, classic bungalows, and historic houses reflecting the neighborhood's rich history and architectural character.

Experience the community spirit: Wash Park's welcoming atmosphere

One of the most endearing aspects of Wash Park is its strong sense of community. From the local recreation center to the beautiful neighborhood streets, it's easy to feel connected to the people and places which make this area unique. In addition, the park's welcoming atmosphere and range of activities and attractions ensure visitors have a memorable experience.

Washington Park is a true gem in Denver, Colorado, offering an exceptional blend of beauty, recreation, and community. If you're interested in outdoor activities, Wash Park has plenty to offer, from well-maintained paths for exercise to picturesque areas by the lake for picnics. The charming neighborhood streets are also worth exploring, making it a perfect destination for everyone. So, grab your sunscreen, leash up your dog, and head out to this urban oasis and have the perfect Colorado day!

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