What Makes Cherry Creek One of The Most Popular Places to Live Near Denver

What Makes Cherry Creek One of The Most Popular Places to Live Near Denver

  • Kimber Ward, REALTOR®
  • 09/30/23

Located just a few miles southeast of downtown Denver, Cherry Creek has become a highly sought-after neighborhood among my clients. When you mention “Cherry Creek,” most people think of the neighborhood’s famous shopping district. And rightly so… the area offers the ever-popular high-end Cherry Creek Mall, plus the Cherry Creek North Shopping District boasts the city’s highest concentration of locally-owned shops (more than 300 retail shops and boutiques all together). But wait, there’s more… the neighborhood offers a wide array of lux hotels, roof top decks, and coffee shops. Its eclectic dining scene makes Cherry Creek the place to be on a hot summer night. In addition, the neighborhood’s tree-lined streets, with it’s remarkable range of luxury properties, puts Cherry Creek Neighborhood over the top as one of the most sophisticated residential areas of Colorado.

From its central location to its unmatched real estate market, Cherry Creek gives every resident an unparalleled lifestyle. Join me as we delve deeper into the reasons why Cherry Creek’s reputation precedes itself.

Upscale urbanism

When I talk to people about Cherry Creek, one quality they bring up is its convenience. The neighborhood is only 1.6 square miles and relatively densely populated — its 6,900 people per square mile is higher than Denver’s average of 4,674 people per square mile. And if you go to WalkScore, you’ll see the site awards Cherry Creek an 81 out of 100 for walking and an 82 out of 100 for biking.

Numbers aside, I always tell clients they can easily live active lifestyles in Cherry Creek. Even in winter, you can spot locals strolling the neighborhood. It’s the rare high-end neighborhood where accessibility and luxury go hand-in-hand. Close to downtown Denver, you can experience the best urban living without sacrificing the comfort of a well-appointed community.

Sophisticated architecture

On the surface, Cherry Creek's residential options include single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes. The closer you look into Cherry Creek properties, the more you’ll be impressed. The townhomes and condos are upper crust, and the single-family homes run the gamut from historic to contemporary. These luxurious properties have upscale amenities, multiple stories, and classic design elements. You can find plenty of older Denver homes alongside newer construction that reflect the neighborhood’s economic growth. And, if you want to test the waters before purchasing in Cherry Creek, there are many well-appointed apartments for rent that will give you that opportunity.

A renowned shopping and culinary scene

Cherry Creek is a haven for those with a penchant for the finer things in life, offering a delightful blend of high-end shopping, art galleries, exquisite furniture and decor stores, and indulgent spa experiences. The renowned Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a shopaholic's dream, featuring flagship stores like Restoration Hardware alongside an array of designer boutiques such as Neiman Marcus, Burberry, and Chanel, as well as popular athletic wear brands like Athleta and North Face. For interior design enthusiasts, the neighborhood's furniture and decor shops are a treasure trove of inspiration.

But Cherry Creek's allure extends beyond retail therapy. It boasts a vibrant culinary scene, from trendy coffee shops to sophisticated fine dining establishments. Moreover, the neighborhood is home to luxurious spas that offer a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. After a day of shopping and exploring, you can pamper yourself with a spa treatment, making Cherry Creek a true oasis for both retail therapy and self-care. It truly is a neighborhood where you can indulge in shopping, decor, culinary delights, and spa experiences all in one remarkable location.

A lively destination with a dash of tourism

While Cherry Creek is functionally a residential neighborhood, its tourist-friendly atmosphere adds an extra layer of excitement. Stylish hotels and a wide range of businesses make Cherry Creek a popular destination, attracting visitors from all over. I like to compare Cherry Creek to Walnut Creek in California — both exude an upscale and boutique vibe while maintaining a laid-back charm.

There’s also a noteworthy art scene in Cherry Creek. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival spotlights the local and international artists whose works comprise the neighborhood’s galleries. The neighborhood is known more for its shopping, but it is also a creative hub.

Active lifestyle, green spaces, and healthy food

One of the most appealing aspects of Cherry Creek is its proximity to parks, walking trails, and the Cherry Creek Trail. You can walk, bike, and jog throughout Cherry Creek and Greater Denver. The popular Cherry Creek Trail spans from Confluence Park to Franktown, providing a generous space for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Cherry Creek is just a stone's throw away from Cranmer Park, offering even more options for leisure and relaxation. And your next adventure is only as far as the foothills of the Rockies.

Proximity to top attractions

Cherry Creek's location near downtown Denver ensures that residents have easy access to some of the city's top attractions. From the Denver Art Museum to the Denver Zoo, residents can enjoy what the city offers without venturing far from their neighborhood. I always recommend the beautiful Denver Botanical Gardens to visitors from out of town.

A convenient, luxurious neighborhood

Cherry Creek stands out as a versatile neighborhood that caters to a wide range of lifestyles and preferences. It has a lot to offer, making it an attractive choice for various living situations.

For those considering retirement, Cherry Creek's tranquil and well-maintained neighborhoods create a peaceful and comfortable environment. The presence of cultural attractions, restaurants, and green spaces adds vibrancy to daily life. This area is particularly appealing for those seeking a retirement destination that combines relaxation with the opportunity to explore a dynamic setting.

If you're fortunate enough to own a second home in the mountains, Cherry Creek is an excellent complement. Its strategic location allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can easily access the city's amenities, from dining and shopping to entertainment and cultural events, while maintaining proximity to the rugged beauty of the nearby Rocky Mountains. It's the perfect blend of city convenience and mountain serenity.

For professionals working downtown, Cherry Creek's proximity to the heart of Denver is a significant advantage. The short commute means less time spent in traffic and more time enjoying the local amenities or simply relaxing at home. It offers the convenience of urban living while retaining the allure of a charming neighborhood.

Is Cherry Creek your next move?

People love Cherry Creek for its natural beauty, central location, and upscale conveniences. The neighborhood exudes refinement and charm. It is truly a one-of-a-kind neighborhood in Denver — a place where anyone can sustain a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle. With such excellent shopping and food scenes, every day can be a new adventure, even for those who have long lived in Cherry Creek.

Are you making a move to Cherry Creek or elsewhere in Greater Denver? Send Kimber Ward a message anytime. I bring extensive local knowledge and successful experience navigating the Denver real estate market, including homes for sale in Cherry Creek. My clients appreciate working with someone genuinely passionate about finding their perfect home. Your journey toward the perfect Cherry Creek property starts here — contact me today to make your dream home a reality.

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